Dr. Cao Hongxing

Associate Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Associate Professor Dr CAO HONGXING from Bejing University of Foreign Studies talks about her interest in EU Integration. She explains that she would like to find out more about the digital economy policy of the EU and its influence on company strategies. She hopes to be able to do more joint research with her colleagues from the European universities in the future.

Dr. Atmaram Shelke

Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Law School - Pune, India
Assistant Professor Dr ATMARAM SHELKE – deputy director of Symbiosis Law School – Pune, talks about his interest in intellectual property rights in cyber space and in cyber security. He says that under the EURASIA project he is planning to develop a course in this area and shares how helpful the lectures he attended during the training at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrdiski” have been in this respect.

Prof. Abhijit Vasmatkar

Professor, Symbiosis Law School - Pune, India
Professor ABHIJIT VASMATKAR from Symbiosis Law School – Pune explains that the areas he is interested in are EU policy making, EU integration and EU law. He would like to further investigate the EU – India free trade agreement. He intends to integrate the knowledge he received during the training in Sofia into the course he is going to design.