On October 31, a delegation of heads of Bulgarian Institutions that are hosting the Confucius Institution visited Beijing Foreign Studies University. The delegation is received by the School of European Languages and Cultures (SELC). The scholars and educators from Bulgaria exchanged their view on university education, Bulgarian language education and other related topics with the leadership team of SELC.

After the official meeting, the delegation met with the lecturers and researchers of the Bulgarian Studies Center and the bachelor students that are studying the Bulgarian language, where how cultural exchange through language learning and research on country and region are praised and future academic research plans are drawn.

Exchange on prospects of what the EurAsia program could offer for the students of SELC and BFSU is also a major point of discussion. On this topic, Professor Danova, dean of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology at Sofia University and EurAsia project team leader and Professor Lin, vice dean of SELC and EurAsia project BFSU team leader discussed in depth the development of this project with regard to the placement of European Study courses in European language education programs at BFSU.


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