Three dissemination conferences are planned under the project. The first one of them is going to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September 2019 and is going to be hosted by the newly established Europe-Asia Research Centre at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” under EURASIA. The conference will provide a platform for enhancing academic, research and people-to-people dialogue among representatives of higher education institutions and stakeholders from Europe and Asia.

The second dissemination conference is going to take place in in New Delhi in March 2020.

The third dissemination conference is going to take place in Beijing in September 2020 and is going to be hosted by Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Both EURASIA conferences – in India and in China – will have a strong focus on maximising the impact of the developed outcomes and the sustainability of the project services beyond the eligibility period of the project. Experiences will be shared and discussed with the delegates. Interested parties from other universities and institutions for whom  the project outcomes might be of relevance will also be invited to take part in the Conference. The event will be recorded and made available on the EURASIA project website to reach a wider audience even beyond the project lifetime.

 By this stage  delegates will have developed an understanding how the consortium will work in the future and of how individuals and organisations will be able to contribute and proactively engage in the sustainability of the project.