Curriculum development

Adaptable teaching resources for use in the full range of European Studies provision are under development. The modules will cover three main themes:

  • EU Law and Legal Practice: Economic, Political and Social Implications;
  • Cultural diplomacy and Soft Power: Diversity, Identities and Intercultural Communication in the Political Environment of the 21st century;
  • The EU-Asia Dialogue:  Geopolitical Alliances and Intercultural, Economic and Political  Liaisons.

Training Courses

Each of the 3 themes will include 4 or 5 courses (2-3 courses for BA and 1-2 courses for Master’s students, targeted at appointing the equivalent of 3-5 ECTS).  In view of the multidisciplinary character of the field of ES, the course development will rely on a mix of pedagogical approaches and the use of innovative tools in order to address the specific academic needs of the students in India and China.