Learn about the European Union and engage in European studies – from understanding how the European Union works to its role in international relations, trade, business and cultural diversity.
Get hands-on experience by engaging with specific tasks, examples, opportunities for further enrichment by complementing your Bachelor or Master studies and enhancing your employability.
Finally, showcase all your knowledge and newfound skills by building a portfolio of the awarded digital badges and certificate.

Our Nanodegree Courses

Our Nanodegree in European Studies includes three levels of learning in online environment and the accomplishment of each is validated by a digital badge:

Course digital badge awarded upon completion of each of the 9 courses
Nanodegree digital badge awarded on completion of all three courses from one area
Certificate digital badge awarded when 2 nanodegrees are completed

EU Law and the EU ItselfCultural and linguistic diversity of the EU International Relations of the EU, Business and Trade

European union law on the European union flag , and Law book on the white background


This course introduces students to the unique system of European Union law, shaping rules and regulations of one of the biggest economies in the world.

Online Couse_EU Political System



The course aims to introduce students to the study of EU political system, focusing the attention on the EU policy-making process and its main actors.

3D rendering of a puzzle with the words European Union


This is an introductory course about the European Union Institutions. It focuses on the main EU institutions, their structure, composition and their main working mechanisms. 




This eLearning course aims to familiarise you with the subject of European identity. Step by step, we will guide you through the meanders of this fascinating topic. The term ‘European identity’ is one of those key words that appears in various domains of contemporary discussion. 


The course aims to introduce students to the study of EU political system, focusing the attention on the EU policy-making process and its main actors.

European Union Internet Button with Skyline Background Original Vector Illustration


European integration is not only a political process. It also has a strong sociocultural dimension. It involves interactions between actors, organizations and institutions from different countries and different cultures. It therefore has a strong intercultural dimension.

Handshake with map of the world in background


The course aims to introduce students to the study of EU External Relations, focusing the attention on the various dimensions of EU external action, as well as on the EU as a global actor. 

3D map of European Union with flag and EU countries highlighted in blue. Elements of this image furnished by NASA


The course offers an introduction to the origin and historical development of the European integration in the hotly debated period between the end of the Second World War and the signing of the Maastricht Treaty.

types of transport of transporting are loads.


The course was tailored, in the first place, to meet the interest of a group of political science and economics university teachers from India and China. 



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Step Four: Get Your Eurasia Nanodegree Badge

Select “Badges” from the Dashboard menu. You can download your digital badge, use the embed link to embed it on a website or an online profile. You can also download your certificate.