The courses are being developed by the partner institutions in India and China. After the establishment of the respective teaching teams and on the basis of surveying students’ interest in the courses on offer, staff from the partner universities in India and China participated in the three training rounds in Catania, Sofia and Krakow. As a result, they are developing European studies courses. These course are to be selected for piloting and will undergo validation and evaluation based on the enrolled students’ achievements, motivation to take another such course/s and satisfaction on the part of the teachers. The piloting of the courses at the partner institutions in India and China is planned for the autumn semester of 2019-2010.

In addition, four round tables will be organised at the end of the second year at the higher education institutions in China and India in order to evaluate the pilot courses. The participants will be university teachers, students and administrative staff. As a result, a report will be prepared.

Based on the above, the courses will be subjected to accreditation procedures according to the regulations of the partner institutions in India and China.