Authoring teams from the programme-country institutions perpared 11 online training courses to be used by the partner-country HEIs as an introduction to their own courses, as an independent work module, etc. The courses were piloted and revised accordingly and mass used from the beginning of 2020 ( After the COVID-19 pandemic forced all universities to resort to teaching in a digital environment the online courses provided a useful platform for collaboration between teaching staff and students from all the HEIs in the EURASIA consortium. There are 1647 registered students mainly from the partner-country HEIs as well as other universities in Asia and Europe, even North and South America and Africa. Each course is worth 1,5 ECTS and on successful completion students can obtain a certificate – 1478 students successfully completed a EURASIA online course and requested and downloaded the EURASIA certificate.

Based on this experience, we are now able to offer 9 courses each awarding a digital badge in 3 EURASIA Nanodegrees in European Studies.  They provide an opportunity for students to work individually or under the guidance of a tutor/mentor in a safe environment and a password-protected personal space and to monitor their own progress and share the results with their tutor/mentor.

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