Dissemination conferences

Three dissemination conferences are planned under the project. The first one of them is going to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September 2019 and is going to be hosted by the newly established Europe-Asia Research Centre at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” under EURASIA. The conference will provide a platform for enhancing academic, research […]

Monitoring visits in progress

As part of the management of the project, monitoring visits are planned. So far Prof. Maria Stoicheva visited the partner institutions in China (January 2019) and in India (February 2019). During the monitoring visits the progress of the project is discussed, its current development is scrutinised and the best course of future action corresponding to […]

Exploratory visits in progress

The next project meeting will be in New Delhi, India and will focus on the process of piloting and validation of the developed EURASIA courses. It is planned for November 2019 and is going to be hosted by O.P.Jindal Global University. The one after it will be in Guangzhou, China and it will focus on […]

On‐line courses – introduction to European Studies to be fully functional online by the end of July 2020

The courses are being developed by the partner institutions in India and China. After the establishment of the respective teaching teams and on the basis of surveying students’ interest in the courses on offer, staff from the partner universities in India and China participated in the three training rounds in Catania, Sofia and Krakow. As […]

Inter‐university course and publication “Political Dialogue between Europe and Asia – Perspectives for Diplomacy and for Academic and Cultural Cooperation” to be delivered at the summer school in June-July 2020

The consortium is preparing to implement an inter‐university course on “Political Dialogue between Europe and Asia – Perspectives for Diplomacy and for Academic and Cultural Cooperation”, involving faculty and selected master and doctoral students from the member higher education institutions in China and India. The course aims at serving as a platform for elaborating teaching […]

Peer review and validation of course content during academic year 2019-2020

Chinese and Indian teams will participate in a national inter‐institutional work session in which the faculty teaching the European Studies program will meet and evaluate the developed EURASIA courses and activities. Evaluation reports with recommendations will be provided to curriculum development leaders of the different courses for further review and revisions. The teams will then […]

Short training sessions in Sofia, Catania and Krakow to be held between April and June 2019

Following the three successful training courses organised by the University of Catania, the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” and the Jagiellonian University, three parallel training visits to these universities are going to be carried out in the period of April-June 2019. Two members of the teaching staff of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Guangdong University […]