The EURASIA steering committee consists а Chairperson from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and 8 members representing each consortium partner. The Steering Committee oversees the overall timely and smooth delivery of the planned activities and outputs, ensures that the project is managed effectively and efficiently and that all potential conflicts within the project team are resolved in a transparent and swift way.

The EURASIA Quality Assurance Team has to manage efficiently the delivery of WP 5 Quality Plan for EURASIA and make sure that all evaluation and validation procedures adopted by the project team are observed so as to guarantee that the courses developed under the project get accredited by the relevant structures at the partner universities. The team comprises a Chairperson from the Jagiellonian University, Poland, and a Co-Chair from the Languages Company, UK based on their responsibilities in the project and expertise in the matter. The remaining 7 members of the QA team represent the rest of the consortium partners.

The EURASIA Implementation/Exploitation Team is chaired by a representative of O.O.Jindal Global University, India and the Co-Chair is from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria. The remaining team members are academics from all the consortium partners who are involved in developing courses or consultancy and peer review.

The EURASIA Dissemination Team has the task to oversee all activities and outputs related to disseminating the project results. It is chaired by a representative of BFSU as the lead partner of WP 6 – the part on dissemination. The members of the dissemination team include academics and junior teaching staff, administrative staff and PhD students.