Course author and teacher:
WANG Yuchen

Beijing Foreign Studies University - China

Denmark and European Integration

EURASIA Thematic Areas: The EU Itself

Number of Credits: 2
Level: MA 


This course is now part of the MA programme European Languages & Law. The course content has been elaborated as a result of Wang Yuchen’s participation in the second EURASIA training round held in Sofia, Bulgaria between 3rd 12th December, 2018. She was able to discuss the course content further during a short training visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, on 09-05 July, 2019.

The course content has been peer reviewed and validated by Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva - Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Dr. Lid King – The Languages Company.
The course has been subjected to accreditation procedures at Beijing Foreign Studies University and will shortly receive accreditation.

Course Aims Learning Outcomes Accreditation Status
Denmark joined the European Communities in 1973 together with Great Britain and Ireland. Since then, Denmark has always had a particular position in terms of its participation in various aspects of European cooperation, such as common defense, social and fiscal policies, in general in European Integration. This course focuses on analyzing Denmark’s special status in the EU and European Integration from a historical and institutional view.
The course will guide students to an in-depth understanding of the particular situation of Denmark in a comparative perspective.
Submitted for accreditation