Course author and teacher:
Dr. YAN Shaohua

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - China

EU Politics and Policies

EURASIA Thematic Areas: The EU Itself

Number of Credits: 2
Level: MA 


This entirely new course has been elaborated as a result of Dr. Yan’s participation in the second EURASIA training round held in Krakow, Poland on January 20th – February 2nd, 2019. He also had the opportunity to discuss its content and delivery with Bulgarian academics during the short-training round held on 1st -5th July, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The course was subjected to accreditation procedures at GDUFS – China, approved accordingly and was successfully delivered in the summer semester of 2018-2019 as a common elective course for BA students from all schools and departments of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 

Learning Objectives Learning OutcomesAccreditation Status
1. To familiarize students with the main institutions and actors of the European Union
2. To introduce to students to how the EU institutions interact to shape EU politics and policy making
3. To deepen students’ understanding of the complexity of the EU as a unique political system.
Students will be able to understand the nature of the EU as unique political system and how the EU functions.