On March 27th, 2019 the Academic Council of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski adopted a decision to establish a Research Centre “Europe-Asia ” under the framework of the EURASIA project.
The aim of the new unit is to disseminate the EURASIA project results among wider audiences, to enhance the collaboration between European and Asian higher education institutions, to assist in the development of European Studies curricula at the latter and to foster the EU-Asia dialogue under ASEM.
Among its objectives are to create an environment for sharing, stimulating and spreading educational, research and cultural practices, to support the applied aspects of academic education and the relationship with Asian universities and institutions, to support specialised training in the area of interpersonal, intercultural and professional communication for both academics and students.
Some of the envisaged activities of the Europe-Asia Research Centre envisage support for scientific research in partnership with the Embassies of ASEM countries to Bulgaria, setting up opportunities for internships, seminars, research visits and joint teaching activities among academics from EU and Asian universities.