European Identity

This eLearning course aims to familiarize you with the subject of European identity. Step by step, we will guide you through the meanders of this fascinating topic. The term ‘European identity’ is one of those key words that appears in various domains of contemporary discussion. Despite the frequency of its usage and numerous academic books written on the subject, it remains an inexhaustible topic.


This eLearning course is divided into five parts. Unit One, entitled ‘On European identity…. a very brief introduction’ aims to familiarize you with the concept of identity. We will discuss the different readings of Europe (Europe as a continent, Europe as a sphere of culture, Europe as a political project), and analyze the concept of European citizenship. In Unit Two we focus on different layers of European culture and symbols. We will deal with the notion of European borders through the analysis of an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ divisive narrative. In Unit Three we will engage in a debate on European values. Then, in Unit Four we will go into potentially problematic areas: we will look at European identity through national lenses, trying to define to what extent national and European identity go well together and what elements affect the positive relationship between ‘national’ and ‘European’; and finally in Unit Five we will tackle the issue of migration and multiculturalism.

Course Preview

Course Authors
Dr Joanna Orzechowska-Wacławska, Dr Agnieszka Sadecka and Dr Karolina Czerska-Shaw – Jagiellonian University, Poland