External relations of the EU

The course aims to introduce students to the study of EU External Relations, focusing the attention on the various dimensions of EU external action, as well as on the EU as a global actor. Students will acquire basic knowledge on the main theories, principles and actors that characterize EU presence and action in world affairs. Moreover, they will learn about key policy areas and issues at the core of EU external relations.

On completion of this course you will be acquainted with the functioning of EU external relations and policies and will be provided with a global picture of EU international role across themes, issues and geographical areas. You will be able to recognize key concepts and to assess the strengths and weaknesses, effectiveness and pitfalls of EU action at global level.


Unit One title. The EU as global international actor
Unit Two title. The EU’s foreign policy and its role in multilateral security
Unit Three title. The EU’s external action and relations around the world
Unit Four title. The EU in managing world issues and emergencies
Unit Five title. Migration Diplomacy and EU external migration policies

Course Preview

Course Authors:

Prof. Dr. Francesca Longo, Prof. Dr. Daniela Irrera and Dr. Iole Fontana, University of Catania, Italy