International relations

The course aims to introduce students to the institutions, policies and current political issues of the global political system and to help them acquire basic knowledge about the most important International Relations theories, the policy-making structures and functions of the international institutions, and the main issues in the global political agenda.


On completion of this course, at the end of the five units, students will have developed a significant knowledge in the International Relations field. They will have learned how different theoretical approaches can be used to read the global political system dynamics, to understand the role of institutions and relations among states, to empirically investigate case studies. They will have been provided with all abilities for proceeding on further readings and develop your own research interests.


Unit One. Introduction to theories of International Relations
Unit Two. Actors of the Global Political System
Unit Three. War and Peace in the Global Political System
Unit Four. Global Security management and multilateralism
Unit Five. Global Political Agenda and global policies

Course Preview

Course Author

Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Daniela Irrera, University of Catania, Italy