Course author and teacher:
CAO Hongxing

Beijing Foreign Studies University – China

Marketing in Europe

EURASIA Thematic Area: Business and Trade

Number of Credits: 2
Level: BA 


This updated course was accredited and piloted as a core course on the Languages and Business Minor Programme taught in collaboration by the SELC and the International Business School. Its content was elaborated during the second long-term training round in Sofia, Bulgaria as well as via online consultations with specialists from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University.


Course Aims: Learning Outcomes: Envisaged teaching methods and techniques: Accreditation Status:
• to master the basic concepts and methods of modern marketing and marketing management
• to understand the European market environment, the characteristics of enterprises and industries, and the economic relations and cooperation between China and Europe
Students will
• be able to use marketing theories and methods to solve marketing problems
• have cultivated team spirit and experience
• have become familiar with and start to follow business ethics
• lectures
• marketing case analyses
• presentations and reports
• class discussions
• teamwork