The EURASIA partners shared the results of the project with a wider international academic audience in a dissemination conference organised by the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) on April 23rd – April 25th 2021.

Тhe conference had a strong focus on maximising the impact of the developed outcomes and the sustainability of the project services beyond the eligibility period of the project. Experiences were shared and discussed with the delegates. Interested parties from other universities and institutions for whom the project outcomes are of relevance had also been invited to take part in the Conference. The event was recorded, video materials highlighting the most important moments were produced and made available via the EURASIA project website ( to reach a wider audience even beyond the project lifetime.
Papers based on the talks given at the conference are going to be published in the European Languages and Cultures Studies semi-annual academic journal sponsored by the School of European Languages and Cultures of Beijing Foreign Studies University.