Course author and teacher:
LAI Suetyi

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - China

Essential Reading for European Studies

EURASIA Thematic Areas: Cultural Issues

Number of Credits: 2
Level: MA


The course content was elaborated as a result of Dr. LAI Suetyi’s participation in the second EURASIA training round held in Krakow, Poland on January 20th – February 2nd, 2019, and in a short training session held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 09-05 July, 2019.
The course was peer reviewed and validated by Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva and Dr. Vihar Georgiev from the EU Studies Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

This entirely new course was subjected to accreditation procedures at GDUFS – China and approved accordingly. It was piloted as a compulsory course for MA students of European Studies.

The course introduces students to European Studies and aims at helping them in understanding the development of the EU as well as in the EU. Both parts prepare students to further study and conduct their own research in politics, law, economic, business management or culture aspect of European Studies.

Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Envisaged teaching methods and techniques Accreditation status
• To introduce basic knowledge to understand European integration and the development of the European Union.
• To familiarise students with key jargons, topics and debates in European studies.
• To familiarise students with different types of reading material essential for European Studies.
• To acquaint students with skill to locate and understand important information in European Studies.
• To develop students’ habit in reading academic writings, so as to foster their research and self-learning skills.
• get familiar with the key debates and problems around the development of the EU, including the key theoretical debates;
• learn some knowledge in each of the various policy fields, namely economics, law, development, social, culture and foreign affairs.
Student-lead in-class discussion assisted by the instructor.