Course author and teacher:
LAI Suetyi

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – China

EU External Relations

EURASIA Thematic Areas: International relations

Number of Credits: 2
Level: МA


The course content was updated as a result of Dr. LAI Suetyi’s participation in the second EURASIA training round held in Krakow, Poland on January 20th – February 2nd, 2019, and in a short training session held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 09-05 July, 2019.
The course was peer reviewed and validated by Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva and Dr. Vihar Georgiev from the EU Studies Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Notably, 30% of the course was changed due to the author’s participation in EURASIA. The most distinctive feature is the introduction of simulation activities participation in which amounts to one-third of the students’ fila grade.

The course was subjected to accreditation procedures at GDUFS – China and approved accordingly, and piloted as a compulsory course for MA students of European Studies.

It aims at helping students to answer the “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” and “How” of the EU’s external relations.

Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Envisaged teaching methods and techniques Accreditation status
• To equips students with the knowledge to understand the external relation and foreign policy of the EU.
• To introduce to students the development of the EU’s involvement in international affairs.
• To acquaint students with skill to analyse external relations of the EU with other global powers especially China.
• To enable students in understanding the complexity in EU-China relations.

• Students understand the external relations and foreign policy of the EU.
• They are able to analyse external relations of the EU with other global powers especially China.

• lectures
• student-lead in-class exercise
• simulations of summits
• class discussions