Course author and teacher:
Dr. Kalyani Unkule

O. P. Jindal Global University – India

he Evolution of the European Integration  (Fall Semester)

EURASIA Thematic Areas: The EU Itself

Number of Credits: 4
Level: UG and PG


The course provides detailed information on the birth and the development of the European integration in the context of the Cold War and the 21st century.

The course was accredited according to the relevant procedures at JGU as a cross-curricular elective course and was piloted with 16 students.

Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Envisaged teaching methods and techniques

• to provide a basic overview of the development of the idea and identity of Europe
• to create conditions for students to understand specific characteristics of European history in comparison with the historical development of non-European societies

For students to
• become familiar with a broad historical framework for understanding the process of European integration as it has occurred after 1945
• be able to make a comparison between specific characteristics of European history and those of other (non- European) societies
• understand of some of the basic theoretical and methodological problems in dealing with this subject matter
• to enhance acquired knowledge and abilities independently, and draw their own conclusion

• lectures
• class discussions
• independent work
• project work
• writing of a concept paper