Course authors and teachers:
LIN Wenshuang, CHEN Qiao

Beijing Foreign Studies University - China

 Diplomatic Theory and Practice (incl. EU and Bulgaria)

EURASIA Thematic Area: International Relations

Number of Credits: 2
Level: BA 


This new course was accredited and piloted as a core course, part of the Major Programme in Bulgarian Language and Literature offered at the School of European Languages and Cultures.

The course content was peer reviewed and validated by Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva - Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Prof. Dr. Francesca Longo – University of Catania.

Prof. LIN Wenshuang was able to consult the specialists from Catania, Italy, while CHEN Qiao participated in the third training in Krakow, Poland, on January 20th – February 2nd, 2019. She was also able to discuss the course content further during a short training visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, on 09-05 July, 2019.
The course focuses on the diplomatic system, diplomatic strategy, diplomatic policy, diplomatic decision-making, diplomatic channels, diplomatic etiquette, etc., and appropriately integrate Bulgaria's diplomatic practice under the framework of the EU. It is based on exploiting discussion, and inquiry-based teaching to improve students’ ability to read Bulgarian texts, and to learn and understand the basic theories and practical methods of diplomacy; it aims to cultivate students’ systematic understanding of international affairs and diplomacy the EU lens.

Course AimsLearning OutcomesEnvisaged teaching methods and techniquesAccreditation Status
• to introduce students to integration processes at EU level and at the level of Bulgaria as a EU member-state
• to provide a ‘wider picture’ of the EU
• to acquaint them with the basics of diplomatic theory and practice through the lens of diplomacy and external relations at the country and the EU level
Students will
• master scientific methods of analyzing and interpreting materials related to the EU and international relations
• have improved their understanding of the relationship between the EU and Bulgaria
• be able to explain the the European integration of Bulgaria.
• Lectures
• Class discussions