Course author and teacher:
ZHANG Haizheng, JIN Xiaowen

Beijing Foreign Studies University – China

European Company Law

EURASIA Thematic Area: EU Law

Number of Credits: 2
Level: BA 


This updated course was piloted as part of the European Languages & Law Minor Porgramme taught in collaboration by SELC and the School of Law. The course content was peer reviewed by Dr. Vihar Georgiev, member of the EU Studies Department, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
The course of European Company Law aims to help students to understand European company law’s essential principles, to achieve an overview of its terminology and content and to develop the necessary skills to research and master details of the subject.

Course Aims Learning OutcomesEnvisaged teaching methods and techniquesAccreditation Status
• to introduce the students systematically to the statutory documents and key cases of several European countries.
• to provide opportunities for students to analyse key European directives, authentic company documents, law reform reports, non-statutory codes of practice and academic writings by leading authors.
Students will develop skills of comparative legal studies through the analysis of commonalities and differences between European company law and its counterparts of Chinese law.
• lectures
• class discussions
• case analyses