Course author and teacher:
Dr. Priya Kanungo

O. P. Jindal Global University - India

What is Europe? (Spring Semester)

EURASIA Thematic Areas: Cultural Issues

Number of Credits: 4
Level: UG and PG


The course content has been elaborated as a result of Dr. Kanungo’s participation in the second EURASIA training round held in Sofia, Bulgaria between 3rd 12th December 2018 and in a short training session held in Catania, Italy between 1-5 July 2019.
The course has been peer reviewed and validated by Prof. Dr. Maria Stoicheva, member of the EU Studies Department, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Prof. Francesca Longo, University of Catania.
The course has been subjected to accreditation procedures at O. P. Jindal Global University - India and is prepared for piloting as an elective course open to BA and MA students from the whole of the O. P. Jindal Global University – India.

Learning ObjectivesLearning OutcomesEnvisaged teaching methods and techniques
• To introducing students to some of the important milestones in European history, culture, and the role of the European Union.
• Students will acquire a general idea about Europe, the European Union, and how cultural identity is embedded in this.
• Lectures
• Audio-visuals
• Debates
• Quizzes
• Course assignments