Despite the constraints of the Pandemic, the partnership was able to develop 53 courses which were integrated into the curricula of the Partner Universities. Taken together with the Online Courses these provide a comprehensive overview of the European Union and the European space more broadly, covering the 5 thematic areas identified by the EURASIA project. More details of individual courses can be seen by clicking as appropriate.”

O.P. Jindal
Global University (JGU)

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International University

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

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Beijing Foreign Studies University

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The European Union Foreign Trade Policy: Asian Perspectives

The Evolution of the European Integration

The Evolution of Nationalism and Integration in 20th century Europe

Pricing of Products and Services in European and Asian Markets

Anti-Discrimination Law and EU

What is Europe?

Big Data and Digital Media Reform in EU and India

Migration and Labour Rights

EU financial markets: Impact of crisis and Brexit

EU Single Market Law


Principles and Foundations of EU Law

European Human Rights Law

Legal Environment of Doing Business in the EU

Family Law in the EU and India

EU Culture, Entertainment and Law

Healthcare Law and Ethics in the EU
Migration and EU Legal Issues
EU Competition Law
Intellectual Property Rights in the EU

EU Data Protection and Privacy Law

EU Environmental law

Cross Cultural Communication and its impact over the Single Market


Law Relating to Financial Fraud: EU and India

Law and Culture

EU – India Free Trade Agreement

Business Strategies for Launching Green Products

Law and Diplomacy

Contemporary Issues in Business and Human Rights in EU

Sports and Law – India EU comparative aspects

Innovation Laws and Policies in EU and India (with special reference to Artificial Intelligence)

International Investment Law

EU Intellectual Property Violation on Internet

Legal methods, Legal research and Cases (Moot Cases Interlinking Common Law)

Life and message of Mahatma Gandhi towards Global Peace and Conflict resolution

Principles and Practices of Fair Trial in Europe and Asia

Prosecution Policies in Europe and Asian nations

Trade and Environment Law

 EU Politics and Policies

EU Market and Investment Environment

Politics of European Integration

Understanding the European Union

Essential Reading for European Studies

The European Union in Food

EU External Relations


Diplomatic Theory and Practice (incl. EU and Bulgaria)

Denmark and European Integration

European Union Public Diplomacy

Political system of EU countries and Politics of Modern Greece

Financial Reporting of European Countries

European Company Law 

Innovation and Competiton, Law and Policy

Marketing in Europe